So who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it?

We are fully committed to providing a helpful, thought-invoking, fun and memorable game-play experience with each and every title that we develop.

This enthusiastic, passionate team dedicates itself to putting the concept of community first, and as such, we promise to push forward proudly, with one central motto:


We created Rogue Robot Studios with the intention of seeking out true inspiration behind what makes the digital entertainment industry so compelling. We wish to fully immerse ourselves within the ideas surrounding the experience of utilizing human creativity to its fullest potential. As self-titled ‘rogues’ we wish to break away from flawed trends of the industry and focus on clearing the path to a better future for our community of patrons/fans, and the future of this industry.

Rogue Robot Studios, LLC is an independent game and digital entertainment development studio specializing in interactive media with secondary utilities. This includes video games, tabletop games and connected content across many other mediums.

Our goal is to redefine the medium of games. We don’t believe in simply just making games for their own sake; but instead, we want people to take back control of their time, and feel proud and genuinely thankful for having spent time with our products. To re-engage them in the real world and take their experience with our products and make it work for them, to bring them knowledge that they can apply to their lives to improve them for the better. That is what it means to develop interactive media built for a modern evolving world and provides secondary utility beyond entertainment. That is what it means to Break Free and Go Rogue.

We are fully committed to providing a high-quality, thought-invoking, fun and memorable gameplay experience with each and every title that we develop.