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Who Am I ? Where am I headed ? Why Games?

I’m really overdue for this.

So gather around the fireplace fellow Rogues, and let me tell you a tale.

So, growing up my parents wanted me to be a doctor of some kind.

I seemed well suited-enough, although I had a passion for all things Prehistoric.  Jurassic Park was my first movie at the age of four that I can remember.  As I kid I protested a compromise, I would get a doctorate in Paleontology. Well I’m twenty-one now, still LOVE Dinosaurs. *PALEO-NERD 4 LIFE*.  Alas, I’m now in the process of finishing up two degrees in Game Design and Digital Video. But one would ask how did I get here?

Its an odd question, why a career in Game Design, who would pass up a relative financially sound conventional career path for something that most people would call unorthodox. Why would anyone subject themselves to working 16 hour days almost stationary in front of a computer, pulling hairs out in frustration at trying to troubleshoot a virtual camera in a Game Engine such as Unreal. WHY? WHY would anyone want to do that.

Answer: CAUSE I F**KING LOVE IT.                                                                                  


Everyone reading this I have to just state that. i just have to. It normally should just go with out saying, but I’ve known a lot of people that make the preconception and it just couldn’t be farther from the truth. I fell prey to this earlier, almost cost me two years and a degree. Was simply unprepared for the amount of work that goes into making a game. Its easy to mistake being a game designer for being a masochist. And, admittedly at times, I find it difficult myself to see the difference. It wasn’t until very recently about a year ago when an older student gave some golden advice: “If you want to make a game that will ship, be prepared to have to do at least 50% of the work yourself”. And that’s when it clicked for me. Earlier this year after a few small hardships and uphill battles. I have my own Development and Publishing studio Rogue Robot  Studios and I’ve been exceptionally fortunate to be working which such a talented team, literally would nothing would be possible without them.

TALENT, though. Its such a vague word. What kind of talents does one need to work in this industry?

The easiest answer  and by far truest is: the only skill required is a thirst. A Thirst unlike any other

One should have unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an insatiable appetite for learning. That is all. We all start at level zero, and much like an RPG,  life requires grinding, the diamond in the rough must be cut and polished to shine.

Well, speaking of appetite,  lets to get to the meat of it all.

So why am I so infatuated with games? Why choose a career in games?

The answer to these questions lies in why do we like games in the first place; they give us a sense of control:  Much like life itself games provide the player with the illusion of control, but to a more obvious level.  Games are a powerfully compelling medium, they trigger the release of Dopamine in the brain. Games reward the player by allowing an unprecedented sense of release and escape from reality. Games as a medium, have the potential to touch the human psyche at a deep and fundamental level.  I feel that all art should invoke an emergence in people, people should walk away from art changed, to walk away with a new perspective. That is what I feel like I have the ability to give to world, my thoughts, my dreams manifested into something that outlives, because Ideas last, art lasts.

My reasoning for why I chose games has evolved over the years, I suppose it will continue to do so, I can only hope with immense anticipation that the future will provide even more reasons to add to my list; As I kid, I was (An still am) I loved Pokemon. I used to make my own Pokemon, “Fakemon” if you will.

Well, I was angry that the creators of Pokemon at Game Freak never consulted the fans or held any sort of fan creation contests, I thought to myself I could honestly do a better job. My thinking was that, I could put more heart into the job than they could. As the years passed I felt this way more and more.

I started Rogue Robot because I had this innate, furious desire to reach out and touch the world, to design a conduit for my ideas and experiences, as well as those of close friends, family and colleagues. And I realized that the level of freedom of expression I craved, would never be fully realized working for somebody else, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I was fortunate to find great and talented people that shared my dream, and together we set forth on this long, perilous but beautiful road.

“There probably isn’t any meaning in life. Perhaps the only thing you can find something interesting to do while you are alive. ” ~Orochimaruo, from Naruto

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