R.O.G.U.E. – Rahul on Games & Unique Entertainment: I aim to misbehave.

About me: I’m going to keep things brief. All you really need to know about me as a person fits perfectly into this statement: “I have created something, and it is my profound duty to do whatever it takes to bring it into existence, and I will never give up or give in until it exists.” Thats what I am, a tenacious, stubborn bastard. I am also an iconoclast; “Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it right”.  Thats my design philosophy, I always try to challenge the norm, and argue that as designers nothing is impossible if we put a collective effort into making it so. This is my prime directive as it were. Try, always try, even when every one else says its impossible, always, always just try you never really know for sure. I am sure of only one thing, myself, this is the best way to live without regrets, its not foolproof but it will reduce the number of regrets you remain with, quite a bit. I developed this mantra, break free of the stigmas and complacency and routines that shackle this industry. We are going rogue.


This mantra is why a created this studio to serve as the tool to reclaim the art of design, to discover once again the power of human ingenuity and how impactful art can be. I owe everything I am today to those that came before me and contributed to the world of art. Far too often I see colleagues and follower developers, in the face of uncertainties and risk of trying something new and unfamiliar, cower behind routines and stability.

Game design itself in my opinion is potentially one of the most stimulating artistic pursuits one can engage simply on the on the wealth of knowledge one draws from. I personally think that game as as much potential and meaning as the lead designer(s) and development team put into making it. Anything can be achieved, one simply needs to apply themselves to that pursuit.

And that is exactly what I plan on doing.

At this current moment Rogue Robot Studios is committed bringing 3 high quality, engaging and thought-provoking gaming experiences in the near future as well as an impressive amount of old school in-house & supplemental table top rpg content!

But we need your help in doing so! One dagger in the dark, is worth a thousand swords at dawn. Come join in the Adventure.
Break Free. Go Rogue
Welcome to the future. Welcome to Rogue Robot Studios.

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